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  • 191+ Die Cut Box Design Ideas that Enhance Brand Storytelling

    Did you know that the chocolate packages packaging design services market is expected to reach $32.42 by 2030? Innovative packaging can really make your brand shine amidst thousands of others on the retail shelves. How? Your chocolate packages product packaging forms the first impression of your ...
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  • Customing pastry packaging boxes adheres to the fine tradition

    News from Hubei Yejian, at 8:18 a.m. on February 21, the civil engineering and ancillary supporting projects of Jiulong’s forestry-pulp integration project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of pulp and 2.4 million tons of high-end packaging paper, undertaken by Hubei Yejian A simple and...
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  • The development of pastry packaging companies may be influenced by various factors.

    It is understood that in recent years, under the influence of factors such as the comprehensive ban on the import of waste paper, zero tariffs on finished paper imports, and weak market demand, the supply of recycled paper raw materials has become scarce, and the competitive advantage of finished...
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  • Food Packaging Exhibition: Food Packaging Industry Prospects and Development Trend Analysis 2024

    1. Overview of the food packaging industry Food Packaging Exhibition learned that food packaging can protect food and prevent it from being damaged by biological, chemical, and physical external factors during the circulation process from the factory to the hands of consumers. It also has the fun...
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  • The cooperation between Dongguan and Hong Kong has entered a new journey

    Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology recently released the Implementation Plan for Digital Transformation of Beijing Manufacturing Industry (2024-2026). For the printing industry to make clear provisions: key processes CNC rate of 55%, production equipment network rate o...
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  • Example analysis of the formulation of typical package puff pastry packaging process regulations

    The package puff pastry juice packaging process is divided into three stages: preliminary work, sterilization treatment and package puff pastry packaging Preliminary work for packaging includes Select composite materials, design brick-shaped cartons and box structure drawings, and carry out decor...
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  • Saudi Arabia Products Packaging Design: Complete Guide

    Every business today needs a grand packaging sweet boxes product packaging design to draw the proper attention of the right people. If you’re a modern business or corporate organisation in Saudi Arabia, you should put as much effort into your product packaging as possible. Why? First, the competi...
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  • Ultimate Guide to FMCG Branding for Your Product’s Success in 2024

    Did you know that the FMCG market industry will grow from USD 121.8 billion in 2023 to USD 230.6 billion by 2032? Being one of the most crowded industries, the competition is a tough nut to crack. Amidst numerous branding and marketing strategies, consumers now have countless options for their re...
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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies Package

    Chocolate Chip Cookies Package How to customize a creative chocolate cookie packaging gift box that sells well, what factors need to be considered?  If you want a chocolate chip cookie gift box that sells well in the market, how can you customize it to win the hearts of ...
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  • Chocolate Sweet Box

    Chocolate Sweet Box

    Chocolate Sweet Box Details you need to pay attention to when customizing high-end chocolate dessert packaging boxes.  Chocolate dessert is a delicious food that is loved by people, and the packaging box, as the outer packaging of the product, is also an indispensable pa...
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  • Custom Dessert Boxes

    Custom Dessert Boxes

    Custom Dessert Boxes   Express custom dessert boxes can be recycled online shopping to become more environmentally friendly.  A Courier packs the "FengDuobao π-custom dessert boxes", a recyclable packing custom dessert boxes developed by SF Express. Approaching the ...
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  • manufacturer luxury french pastry chocolate packaging

    manufacturer luxury french pastry chocolate packaging

    Manufacturer Luxury French Pastry Chocolate Packaging How to realize the green transformation of luxury french pastry chocolate packaging for Courier manufacturers?The Supreme People's Procuratorate gives public interest litigation and collaborative governance plans. The...
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