• Flower Hat Packaging

Flower Hat Packaging

  • Cradle gift box baby confinement cradle flower box soap flower box

    Cradle gift box baby confinement cradle flower box soap f...

    1. cradle packaging flower box, suitable for newborn baby baby full moon anniversary gift box flower bouquet packaging box;flower box
    2. new design, fine craftsmanship,boxes for flowers  nowhere to pick;

    3. packaging box display convenient, so that the look more intuitive and beautiful;flower boxes for bouquets
    4. quality assurance, a large number of stock, fast delivery.box flower

  • Love wedding paper flower shadow boxes for gifts

    Love wedding paper flower shadow boxes for gifts

    Receiving a bunch of flowers full of blessings can not only reflect the taste of the flower buyer, but also show the aesthetic and professional level of the florist!

    Floral packaging is very important. The role of packaging is to make the whole flower works look more beautiful, the second is to protect the flowers for convenient transportation, and the third is to play a role in promoting the brand.

    Packaging can not only be limited to their own skilled packaging methods, to choose in line with the trend of packaging methods, and strive to create a new packaging method on this basis; Want TO SPEND MORE THOUGHT ON BOUQUET FINISHED PRODUCT, NOT ALL FLOWERS ARE WRAPPED MORE LUXURIANT BETTER, OVERMUCH PACKAGE CAN MAKE THE FLOWER LOSES ORIGINAL COLOUR, SHOULD HOLD GOOD DEGREE SO.

    In the form of flower type presentation, not only can be packed into a bouquet, there are flower basket, flowerpot, flower box, garland, dried flowers, bottle flowers, eternal flowers, simulation flowers or other peripheral products, in short, there is no can’t do, only you think of.

    In addition to bearing flowers, flower box packaging also plays the role of conveying brand name, image, product performance, characteristics and use, that is, publicity function. Through the brand information conveyed by the copywriting and pictures on the packaging box, consumers will leave a deep memory on the product and even have the psychological mind to buy the brand next time.

    The red flowers are more beautiful against the green leaves. A good packaging image of flowers can strongly stimulate the visual senses of consumers, give customers the first impression, cause them to produce a series of psychological activities, and ultimately affect whether customers buy or not.

    With a delicate gift box packaging design, not only enhance the sense of value of the gift, but also show the gift-giver’s intentions and their friendship. In addition to the quality and design idea of the gift box packaging design itself, the product packaging design of everyone’s goods is also a key reason to determine whether the successful completion of implementation. Gift box packaging design must be able to reflect the value of the product according to different methods. Therefore, the packaging design of gift boxes in particular has a unique personalized characteristics, a unique sense of atmosphere and high price, precious sense. General gift box packaging design attaches more importance to the application of special printing technology.

  • Black velvet flower gift box price

    Black velvet flower gift box price

    Gift packaging is one of the longest used business etiquette flowers in florists. The bouquet gift packaging of florists reflects the basic quality of aesthetics of florists. The quality of florists starts from the gift packaging of flowers.

    Packaging is the finishing touch, can bring people surprise, make simple flower products become unique. The packaging of florist works can not only show the level of florist, but also reflect the taste of florist.

    Floral gift packaging is one of the most commonly used commercial flower arrangements in florists, which breaks the traditional packaging mode. Bouquet packaging and color matching are very important, reflecting the basic quality of the practitioners of floral art on aesthetics. The quality of a florist starts from the tone of color.

    In floral art works, the role of packaging is integrated with modern life aesthetics, etiquette and so on. The style and materials of packaging of floral art works vary greatly according to different occasions.

    In addition to bouquets, flower boxes gradually enter people’s attention, occupying a large proportion in the flower products. Generally, the gift will be given with flowers made into a flower gift box, rather than simple flowers flower box is more sought after.

    The flower box is directly held in the hand, which is much more convenient to carry and adds a hint of interest while being beautiful.

    Gift wrap, let your imagination give practice.

    A customized tasteful eye-catching product packaging, in addition to making consumers like, increase sales, but also can let the value of the commodity several times. Over the years, Dongguan Fuliter Paper Co., Ltd. has been focusing on valuable commercial promotion for more brand stores, improve brand reputation, boost business atmosphere, reflect brand value! We spirit of professional, innovative, pragmatic spirit of enterprise, based on excellent products, flexible market economy as the guidance, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations.

  • custom the paper hat shipping boxes wholesale

    custom the paper hat shipping boxes wholesale

    Product packaging design has been more and more attention of all kinds of enterprises, which is related to the domestic consumer market, we are more concerned about the outer packaging of all kinds of goods. Therefore, as all kinds of enterprises or businesses, in the launch of their own products, it is very important to pay attention to the product packaging design, good product packaging design for the enterprise’s product marketing is of great significance. Product packaging, as a means to realize commodity value and use value, plays an extremely important role in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, and is an important subject that the business community and design have to pay attention to. The function of packaging is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate use, transport and promote sales. As a comprehensive subject, packaging has the dual character of combining goods and art. Brand packaging design should start from the trademark, design, color, shape, materials and other factors, this paper based on the property of commodity, follow a few basic principles of brand design, such as: protect the goods, and beautify the goods, convenient use, etc., make the design elements harmonious collocation, bring out the best in each other, in order to obtain the best packaging design. From the perspective of marketing, the brand packaging pattern and color design are important factors to highlight the personality of the product, and the personalized brand image is the most effective means of promotion. Product packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer psychology, which directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. We are convinced that packaging is a powerful way to establish a product’s affinity with consumers. In today’s economic globalization, packaging and commodities have become an integral whole. Product packaging is called “silent salesman”, which is an important part of brand visual image design. A market survey shows THAT WHEN housewives GO shopping IN supermarkets, THEY usually buy more than 45% of their budget because of the attractive packaging, which shows the great charm of packaging. Packaging design has become one of the most important links in modern commodity production and marketing. Excellent packaging and displayed design concepts can quickly attract the attention of consumers and motivate them to buy products. The importance of product packaging design is to provide product protection and product information transmission function for different commodities. Product packaging design is a creative idea and working process for the overall formation of product packaging. It is a means to protect products, transmit information, publicize products and promote sales. It is one of the important factors for all kinds of businesses to elaborate product packaging design with their own products.

  • wholesale hat boxes purse for shipping

    wholesale hat boxes purse for shipping

    The function and significance of packaging design

    1. Protection function

    This is the most basic and principled function of packaging design.

    The other functions of packaging design are to be in the premise of the realization of the protection function can continue to design. The protection function refers to the protection of the contents from external impact, to prevent the damage or deterioration of the contents caused by light, moisture, transportation, etc. The structure and material of packaging are directly related to the protective function of packaging.

    2. Sales function

    Sales function is derived in the process of social and commercial economy. The good or bad of product packaging directly affects the sales of products. Through the graphic description of the package, it guides the consumers to consume the product correctly, reflects the cultural taste of the specific commodity, gives people a pleasant feeling, and creates added value.

    Boost sales of a brand, especially in a pick – up store. In a store, packaging captures a customer’s attention and can turn it into interest. Some people think, “Every packing case is a billboard. ”Good packaging can improve the attractiveness of new products, and the value of the packaging itself can give consumers an incentive to buy a product. Moreover, it is cheaper to make packaging more attractive than to raise the unit price of a product.

    3, circulation function

    The packaging of the product is required to accommodate this process. Good packing should be easy to handle, easy to transport and strong enough to hold in storage. Even in handling and loading; Convenient for production, processing, turnover, loading, sealing, labeling, stacking, etc. Convenient storage and goods, commodity information identification; Convenience store shelf display and sales; Convenient for consumers to carry, open, convenient consumption application; Convenient packaging waste classification recycling treatment.

    In short, the function of packaging is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase product added value. As a comprehensive subject, packaging design has the dual character of combining goods and art.

  • container store bulk travel hat boxes luggage

    container store bulk travel hat boxes luggage

    What is the meaning of packaging? Or the importance of packaging?

    In people’s life, there are generally three levels of needs:

     the first is to meet the basic needs of food and clothing;

    The second is to meet the spiritual needs of people after food and clothing;

     The third is to go beyond the material and spiritual needs of another kind of selfless relief, is also a common saying that people are detached from the material, indifferent to a supreme state.

     But more realistic or this kind of spiritual demand, the standard of people’s needs and the improvement of the whole national culture, is bound to have a sublimation in the scale of people’s aesthetic standards. Therefore, everything to please consumers, meet consumers aesthetic, beauty, yearning for the pursuit of beauty is accelerating. In order to cater to and meet the psychological needs of people’s love of beauty, manufacturers, businesses are also in the packaging of goods, to create a more beautiful image, let consumers fall in love at first sight, can not bear to leave, from yearning to appreciate, to the final psychological satisfaction of such a final purpose.

    Commodity packaging from the beginning of commodity trading, it quietly into people’s lives. It should be said that commodity packaging is the product of the common development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. With the improvement of people’s living standards, it increasingly embodies its important value and changes its function center of gravity. That is to say, in addition to the protection of goods, convenient transportation and storage, it is more important to promote the sale of goods and meet people’s aesthetic psychological needs. Therefore, the first function of commodity packaging is to promote sales.

     Only when sales are promoted can manufacturers and businesses of products find their own markets.

  • calpak large bulk flower hat boxes wholesale

    calpak large bulk flower hat boxes wholesale

    Packaging design is one of the most important elements of successful launch products, packaging must protect the things inside, easy to store and distribute, need to display information about the content, and on the shelf of the competitive products to attract the attention of customers, regardless of the quality of the product packing will make the product sale, so the success of packaging design is crucial, Meaning is also very important.

    So, what is the function and significance of packaging design?

    Let’s take a look.

    1. Packaging represents the company’s brand: Packaging design is as important as the company’s products, and it plays a role in how customers view the company and expand the company’s brand. First of all, investment in large packaging will attract customers, and attractive packaging design can increase sales and contribute to the overall brand building of the company.

    2. Packaging can attract customers’ attention: if a good packaging design attracts customers’ attention, the product will also get attention and recognition. In order to enhance this, it is necessary to convey the company’s brand on the packaging. In this way, correct information can be provided to customers before they buy, so that customers can leave a deep first impression on the product and packaging.

    3. Packaging represents sales: Effective packaging can stand out from the competition and attract customers. So if for sale in the store, then the packaging design is potential customers see on the shelves, the first thing the customer may, according to the packing of the product appearance to decide whether to buy graphic logo on the package must attract the attention of buyers, different packaging design will appeal to different customer groups, allowing consumers to buy.

    At present, in order to better highlight the charm and role of commodity added value, packaging design is playing its most important and unique characteristics here, and has become an important and inseparable part of modern commodity production.

    Without the packaging design of goods, it will not be able to realize the full value of their own; The products endowed with packaging design will extend the vitality of various added values of the products to the maximum extent, and enable people to obtain more visual and spiritual pursuit and enjoyment of beauty.

  • travel boxes for hats wholesale

    travel boxes for hats wholesale

    Exquisite packaging can enhance consumers’ trust in the brand

    Product packaging is a very important thing for any commodity. If a good product does not have good packaging, then naturally there will not be many consumers to pay for it, and good packaging is very important. Customers are likely to pay for a product because they like its packaging design very much. Only reasonable packaging design can improve the value of goods.

    The packaging design of products is like people’s clothes. Some people dress appropriately and generously, while some people dress sexy and charming. Different dressing styles also reflect people’s different characteristics and temperament. Packaging design is the “clothes” of the product, beautiful and creative packaging is always more grade and texture than those of the same packaging, just like a beautiful custom-made dress, always can improve the attention rate.

    Of course, no matter how good-looking you are, choosing the wrong outfit can also be embarrassing. Good and high-grade products, packaging is not good, will appear very cheap. Packaging is not only a simple design of a beautiful pattern, it is the product selling point and air quality. It allows users to have a preliminary understanding of the product and “communication” through packaging. In a word, the better the product, the more creative packaging design is needed to attract people’s attention, to enhance the “beauty” of the product.

    And we are such a group of people: in order to make your products more attractive and move users, we have been insisting on beautifying the “clothes” of products, from products to find the most suitable design elements and style of products. From the screen performance to the text presentation, every step is taken seriously, and every place is considered repeatedly. Let the product packaging design from the market with the same type of products to distinguish, so that your packaging will “talk”!

  • white mirror flower packaging box

    white mirror flower packaging box

    The meaning of the existence of flowers, perhaps is the romance between the feelings, the fetters between the family, and that cut constantly, the reason is also messy taste of separation, the world, too much to say the words of love, by it for you, let that person, listen to the wind. No matter who sees it, there will be a trace of warmth as soon as possible, and there is no doubt that love has become the best guardian of this gift box.

    Square flowers box box can be said to be the most classical, the most traditional one, as early as the ancient egyptians build the pyramids thousands of years ago, the square was gradually into our life, until today, the square is still and one of the most interactive model of human civilization, square box, can make full use of rules of geometric space, on a plane maximize their creative thinking, Its ubiquitous law and order bring people the sense of grandeur and ceremony of classical and modern coexistence.

    Since the beginning of the collision between human beings and art, the square has been the first to become the entrance of communication between people and art. Square, always give a person infinite magic power in that way,grant art the biggest imagination space,enter a square when the flower,that kind of nature and wonderful,can say,square flower box,always can give a person to bring the intimate feeling that naturally becomes.

    Dongguan Fuliter Paper Products Co., LTD., the square to be creative, made of mirror square flower box, not only creative, but also a box of multi-purpose, no flowers can room cosmetics and other small items storage, mirror flower box is not a unique box design in the market.

    Contact us quickly to communicate custom mirror flower box.Leave your contact information!

  • mom acrylic flower bouquet box wholesale

    mom acrylic flower bouquet box wholesale

    The 365 day and night cycle and so on, a love feast, in these days of the world singing for love, many people are willing to use artistic beautiful flowers to convey their love. Red rose, elegant atmosphere of the crown, senior acrylic flower box, romantic sense of ceremony are here.

    Compared with traditional bouquet, acrylic flower box has many irreplaceable advantages. From the customer’s point of view, the flower box is small in size, easy to carry, and the packaging is comparable to that of the bouquet, which can attract customers’ attention more. Acrylic material itself has dazzling optical properties, with artistic sense and romantic atmosphere; And has a strong plasticity, in the 160° oven can be fully softened, and then through the mold cold treatment finalize the design. Mold IS WHAT MODEL, acrylic comes out finally IS WHAT MODEL, KALEIDOSCOPE, ENOUGH to LET STYLIST play to the TOP OF HIS or HER HEAD.

    Acrylic flower box can also be used for eternal flower, flower branch requirements are not too high, the cost is relatively reduced. The box, in turn, largely protects the flowers and reduces transportation costs. Acrylic flower box can be used for a long time, the service life can reach several decades; You can also change the flowers inside at any time, whether it is red rose, pink rose, blue rose… In the crystal transparent flower box set off, are elegant decorative works of art.

    Xintao acrylic transmittance can reach 93%, high definition, highly expressive and visual impact; Strong plasticity, processing performance is good under the designer’s unrestrained artistic creation, with changeable shape and ideal decorative effect, can meet more and higher packaging box design needs; Strong impact resistance, not easy to break, not easy to change color, long service life; And a variety of specifications, color can also be customized.

  • christmas cardboard paper design long large flower box

    christmas cardboard paper design long large flower box

    What’s the point of sending flowers?

    All over the world, thousands of beautiful flowers exist in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and smells, drowning the eye, calming the mind, and inspiring the soul with their beauty, mystery, and complex language. So, how did it all start? By understanding the history, we see that the tradition of sending flowers is very old, with deep meanings and complex language, and the history, myths and stories dating back to ancient Greece, Egypt show that flowers are an important aspect of social customs. One of the favorite flowers of the ancient Greeks was the rose, which was a symbol of wealth and power. During the banquet, rose petals will be filled with flowers and “drop” flowers from the ceiling, so all guests will be covered from head to toe in beautiful flowers. For the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, flowers were symbols of wealth, beauty, and surprising power. In addition, Egyptians offer flowers that grow near the Nile River to their loved ones as a way of expressing their feelings.

    Throughout history, giving flowers has been one of the most beautiful forms of nonverbal communication between two people, so what’s the best way to wrap a bouquet or a flower box?

    1. Bouquet: easy to carry, traditional floral packaging; But the quality of the flower branches is also very high, otherwise the bouquet will appear inferior.

    2. Flower boxes: Flower boxes can be matched with long and short flowers of different shapes. Compared with florists, the creativity of flower boxes is more diverse.

    Whether you’re sending flowers to someone or celebrating a special event, almost all women appreciate flowers as a gift. This shows that there is something beautiful and visually fascinating about flowers that truly appeals to the human spirit. It also proves that we really enjoy the symbolism of the flowers in our hands.

  • fancy best wishes large flower box for sale

    fancy best wishes large flower box for sale

    In contrast to the time-honored bouquet, the flower box is a novelty. The FLOWER box is beneficial to protect the shape of flowers, and at the same time covered with flower mud can prolong the vitality of flowers. In recent years, in addition to the early traditional flower boxes, many new flower boxes have been developed by florists and businesses to attract customers’ attention.

    Today is everyday simple in last few years popular flower box is divided into modelling and content two big categories,will appreciate together!

    If the flower box is called the flower clothes, then the shape of the flower box will reflect the soul of the flower. Popular flower art, indispensable is outstanding modelling.

    Square flowers box box can be said to be the most classical, the most traditional one, as early as the ancient egyptians build the pyramids thousands of years ago, the square was gradually into our life, until today, the square is still and one of the most interactive model of human civilization, square box, can make full use of rules of geometric space, on a plane maximize their creative thinking, Its ubiquitous law and order bring people the sense of grandeur and ceremony of classical and modern coexistence.

    As with the square, the sense of solemnity and ceremony that the rectangle brings to a person has undoubtedly become the mainstream of the flower box, but there is a little girl’s reverie and gentleness like a gentleman. To oblong perhaps,the biggest spot depends on,it has the attitude that stands alone,try to imagine,fresh l rose,take of with delicate,buy in a long box,remove romantic meaning,the depth that long box itself place gives,also had drawn the outline of the picture of sea of flower in a whole heart.

    It is a bold design, but it is an attempt to break through the bondage of, humanized design to the extreme, let flowers be clear at a glance the present in your eyes, but also retain the original display of flowers are the most natural, without any disguise, hug barrel allows you to open up the expression of what they want to express. It’s amazing, but it also takes courage.

    Various types of flower boxes make the flower art not only stay in the flowers themselves. Why can’t all kinds of beautiful moments in life be put into the sea of flowers? Just as Romain Rolland said, art originates from life and is higher than life.

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