• Candle and Jar Box

Candle and Jar Box

  • recycle wholesale unique 12 oz candle making jars in bulk

    recycle wholesale unique 12 oz candle making jars in bulk

    Unique candle packaging, from label to container, will give your candle range a standout look. We suggest deciding on the ideal container to suit your candles, then moving on to label design. In your search for the perfect vessel for both pillar and poured candles, keep in mind three elements: shape, color, and size.
    Our glass candle container collection offers a myriad of affordable glass candle jars in classic styles and designs. For manufacturers looking for a glass jar to pour your candles in, the candle range has options to fit your requirements. Our line of recycled candle containers ranges from 2.5 oz colored glass jars perfect for votives to 26 oz jars ideal for large scented candles. We invite you to explore the possibilities for enhancing your candle range below and on our website.
    Our round candle jars are ideal for both pillar and poured candles. You’ll find styles from the classic 26 oz Verona Jar to the frosted 6 oz Round Glass Container. Here are a few new and favorite styles in our range of round glass jars.
    The features an elegant 16 oz. recycled glass jar in a range of fresh and classic colors. It’s the ideal container for packaging of pillar and poured candles or for retailing as home décor and storage. The clear version will show off your spring candle colors beautifully, while the darker jar hues make a wonderful vessel for fall scented candles. Closures are available including tapered cork and bamboo lids.
    Our range of square glass jars is ideal for packaging candles, both pillar and poured varieties. In addition to our classic square jars, we’ve added some modern and retro styles to give you a wider selection from which to choose. Our Acropolis Jar (in 11 and 20 oz) and the 8.5 oz Square Glass Jar are both new this season (shown below), while our 8.5 oz Square Candle Container is a customer favorite.

  • black bulk 8 oz empty glass candle jars with wooden lids wholesale

    black bulk 8 oz empty glass candle jars with wooden lids ...

    Looking for a lid? Try our silver, bronze, black, rose gold, and gold metal flat lids or our glass tumbler lids in black, amber, or white.Matel lid,bamboo lid,wood lid.

    Transparent candle jar can be DIY’ed easily to make stunning decoration pieces, making them an excellent giving alternative. Because this jar has so many uses, it is popular among both small and large businesses for creating gorgeous DIY crafts items.

    Transparent candle jar is made of high-quality glass, which enhances its look and prevents it from overheating or splitting. To ensure durability, this jar has a strong glass wall and a heavy base. These lovely empty jars can be frequently used to make party décor candles, little dessert cups, storage containers, etc.

    These clear glass jars come in a pack of three. Each candle jar is 100 ml in size. The candles in a glass jar style makes it ideal for home decorations and home décor. They also make excellent presents and are ideal for making paraffin, soy, beeswax, or emulsifying candles throughout the festive season.

    Our straight sided tumbler jars have a clean and balanced shape for a more contemporary style container that fits a wide variety of branding styles.

    We also carry the straight sided tumbler jar in additional colors and sizes.We can also provide supporting peripheral products, such as: self-adhesive stickers, luxury paper candle jar packaging, candle accessories tools……

    Customized printing of your company logo, increase your brand exposure, visibility. If you want to have a better packaging design, don’t worry, we have a professional designer and professional team to make for you.

    Good design can be pleasing to the eye, can deepen the customer’s brand impression!

    Choose us, you will have high-end quality, professional team, intimate service……

    Finally, contact us to give you the most favorable price!

  • Custom made candle packaging gift boxes set printing

    Custom made candle packaging gift boxes set printing

    1. Foldable design, convenient transportation, reduce freight costs

    2. The inside and outside of the box can be customized printed on both sides

    3. Paper jam material, strong bearing capacity is not easy to deformation

  • luxury gift boxes for candles 10oz custom paper candle packaging boxes wholesale

    luxury gift boxes for candles 10oz custom paper candle pa...

    The candle packaging box in the above picture is white as a whole and embellished with green. The bottle is matched with the same color of white and green to bring out the best in each other.

    Instead of using traditional cardboard, the box is made of double grey and coated paper. Traditional cardboard is suitable for FMCG facing wholesalers, the latter double grey and coated paper is suitable for holiday gifts. (The style shown in the picture)

    Usually our most popular can is 8Hz, the style in the picture is 12Hz, so its capacity will be a little larger, please pay attention to the size of the order before, if necessary, you can contact us to give you advice. Similarly, if you need logo customization service, please contact us first.

    Back to the point, what are the advantages of using double grey + coated paper to make candle boxes?

    1. The maximum thickness of the traditional carton can only reach 1mm; This kind of packaging is not only thick enough, but also can customize the thickness you want. The minimum thickness is 2mm, and the maximum thickness can reach 5mm. According to your requirements, we can recommend a thickness that is both beautiful and strong.

    2. Plasticity. This package is specially designed for brand building. It can be used as a gift, a yearning to reach the hands of customers, logo label, brand will leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers

    3. Packaging is not just for aesthetics, it can protect the glass candle jar inside, reduce collision and friction, and reduce the risk of breakage from sale to customer.

    And so on benefits, one by one list is really too much, rather than see me list, as soon as possible to find us, tell us your needs.

    It is wise to choose to cooperate with Fuliter factory, and specialized design team, sales team, production team, professional facilities and equipment……

  • boxes for candles wholesale memory candle packaging shipping boxes

    boxes for candles wholesale memory candle packaging shipp...

    No matter what kind of business you run – candles or not — custom packaging can add tremendous value to your brand.

    Stand out from the crowd with your own custom candle box.

    Your packaging can create a memorable unpacking experience for your customers, which will appeal to all the senses.

    Your packaging is the first thing your customers see, and with extra effort, you’ll stay with your customers longer.

    You can include your unique logo or catchy slogan on your packaging, anything that will set your brand apart from the competition.

    Custom printed packaging will first attract customers to the vitality of high quality printed candle gift boxes in retail stores. Next, they will have the sense of touch to feel the quality of your packaging with embossed logos or images, wisdom.

    Whether it’s the design, the material or the type of box packaging used, your custom packaging is the first point of contact for your customers and attention to detail can make a difference. In addition, all packaging for your candles and candle products is fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

    Create luxurious packaging solutions for your brand with our classic product boxes.

    The first thing to do is to choose the color of the box. You can choose white or grayish brown (made from natural kraft paper). If you want to create high-end packaging, we recommend choosing white product packaging box.

    Your colors will be more vibrant and stand out on store shelves. The next thing to do is choose your background color. You need to catch the customer’s eye, so choosing bright colors is a good way to do this.

    Upload your pictures and text files and put them where you want to see them.

    We use CMYK technology to create bright, full-color images. You can then resize and drag them to the exact location you see fit.

    Print on all sides of your box so that it sticks out from any Angle.

    Custom packaging provides an excellent opportunity to implement your marketing and branding strategy.

  • christmas luxury black glass candle storage gift box packaging ideas

    christmas luxury black glass candle storage gift box pack...

    Custom packaging for candles is a very meaningful and worthwhile investment. The selection of customized candle packaging boxes is abundant, and candles of different styles and positions will be reflected through the differentiation of printed packaging. Printing your company’s brand logo and unique content design on custom candle boxes can better reflect the company’s strength and creativity and leave a deep impression on customers.
    Whether it is scented candles, candle jars, candle gifts, etc., customized packaging is needed to enhance the protection of the product, so that the product can be delivered safely to consumers. We can provide you with a variety of candle packaging solutions, such as kraft paper packaging, cylindrical packaging, window packaging, cardboard drawer boxes, etc., all of which can become a reference for customized packaging. Customized packaging printing process, you can choose one or more of emboss printing, CMYK printing, hot stamping printing, UV printing. The creative color scheme and graphic design will give customers a good visual experience when browsing and buying candles. The extra processing technology on the surface of the candle packaging box can increase the visual aesthetics of the packaging and bring a more elegant feeling. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Will provide you with the best customized candle boxes packaging solutions.
    What is your budget for purchasing packaging? If your budget for custom candle boxes is limited, it is recommended to choose cheap candle boxes. Using 350gsm cardboard as the raw material, the packaging production process and material cost are low, which is one of the most suitable methods for some start-up companies. But you don’t need to worry about poor brand promotion. Custom printing content can directly print novel product pictures on the surface of the packaging box to improve the attractiveness of the packaging. In the most attractive part of the printed packaging, printing the brand name or promotional slogan will leave a deep impression on customers…………..More styles and customizations on custom candle packaging Option, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best service.

  • cardboard candle box packaging design custom

    cardboard candle box packaging design custom

    What about the package design of the candle box?

    Candle box packaging increases product visibility did you know that a product can be invisible even on retail shelves? Showcasing your product is crucial because it is one of the most effective marketing strategies, an easy way to attract more customers, and a more effective way to impress them. Using traditional packaging will prevent you from achieving your market goals.

    A wise businessman knows that only by adopting modern packaging trends can they dominate the market. A well-designed candle box packages your candle products like cherries on a cake. It will add value and visibility to your brand.

    The year became exciting as the celebrations took place throughout it. Most people use candles because they have an attractive and peaceful smell, and buy candles because they have an attractive candle box. Many packaging manufacturers offer a variety of candle boxes because candles are currently in high demand as a celebration item.

    These candle boxes can be bought in the market. They are made of strong materials, such as paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, kraft paper and so on. Are these materials used in packaging for safe transport and delivery purposes? Impress Your customers a personalized candle box can greatly appeal to your target audience. It can help your candle stand out from the competition and attract new customers. In addition, it can help you build your brand image. Properly designed, a candle box can increase sales of your brand and win you the biggest buyer. Every brand dreams of getting the maximum profit, only to win the hearts of customers is possible.

    Your brand can evolve over time and generate considerable profit once the customer becomes impressed with the packaging step by step and stability.

  • white luxury glass iridescent candle jars bulk

    white luxury glass iridescent candle jars bulk

    Glass bottle tube is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, easy to seal, easy to disinfect and sterilize, beautiful shape, low price, can be reused and recycling waste materials, manufacturing raw materials sufficient. There are many kinds of glass bottles and jars, from small bottles with a capacity of 1ml to large bottles with a capacity of more than 10 liters, from prototype, square, shaped bottles and with a handle; From colorless transparent to amber, green, blue, black sunscreen bottles and opaque opaque glass bottles, and so on, and so on. 

    Candle Jar, packaging instructions:

    unique glass bottle with bamboo cover-process upgrade 3mm thick heat-resistant textured glass, food grade and lead-free, rugged and durable. The bamboo lid is designed with removable silicone rings that seal well and keep your candle’s aroma long-lasting. The glass curtain wall lets the candle’s beauty and the Ray Shine unhindered, brings the luxury and the individuality to your candle. Specification: 12 packs. Capacity: 10 ounces. Size: 4″ h (4.2″ with bamboo lid) × 3.15″ d glass candle jar, real bamboo friction fit lid and 36 adhesive labels (18 printer hand sex 18 blank) and 1 DIY label.

    Packaging container packaging materials and shape of the product, they meet the product packaging, protection and other functions have characteristics, must be based on the actual needs of reasonable selection.

    How to select sales packaging containers?

    Sales of packaging containers refers to sales as the main goal, with the product to reach the hands of consumers packaging, it has protection, beautification, publicity products, promote the role of sales.

    Fuliter Paper Products Co. , Ltd. , has its own factory, has its own design and sales team, to provide customers with professional technical guidance and advice. Fuliter Paper Products Co. , Ltd. , the products are made of high-quality materials, the need for high-end product packaging customers can contact their customer service staff to provide your needs to them

  • bulk wholesale glass black jars for candles

    bulk wholesale glass black jars for candles

    Here at Eroma we are in constant motion, continuously innovating and improving our product range, supplying only the highest quality in candle glassware.


    Our first step in becoming Australia’s highest quality glass supplier was our transition from ‘blown’ glassware to ‘moulded’ glassware in 2008. By providing the revolutionary concept of moulded jars, candle makers across the board have now raised the standards and increased the quality of the candle they produce.


    Moulded glassware has a higher resistance to shattering due to its increased glass strength. The thicker wall causes more heat to be retained by the jar after the wax has been poured into the container. This causes the wax to cool at a slower rate, creating a stronger bond when initially forming and adhering to the glass.


    Danube jars were our first moulded glasses to be launched and are now accompanied by Oxford,Cambridge and Velino tumblers. This is only the beginning of what could be the most extensive glassware range available on the market today.



    At Eroma, we try to differentiate our brand from our competitors by providing a higher quality product. We have been able to achieve this with our glassware by shifting from ‘blown’ glassware to ‘moulded’ glassware. Any doubts or uncertainties of the glasses’ strength are instantly alleviated when you feel the mass of the glass in your hand – its heavy, sturdy nature fortifies the glass allowing it to be dropped from waist height without shattering.


    When comparing moulded glass to blown glass it’s important to look at both sides of the table, advantages and disadvantages.

    If you would like to find out further information about our glassware, please browse our glass frequently asked questions.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

  • custom packaging gift boxes for candles wholesale

    custom packaging gift boxes for candles wholesale

    In the atmosphere of various traditional festivals, gift wrapping is very important. Let’s take a look at the packaging suppliers from Guangdong, China… Fuliter Flit Products Co. , Ltd. has its own production plant, design team, excellent service team… … good design often requires painstaking work, they are not sloppy at all in the use of materials, and they are even more brilliant in the packaging design. The merchants who have cooperated with flit have all given satisfactory replies, without exception, all increased sales, consumers are more impressed. Their home packaging products are mainly exported to North , the Middle East, South and other places, has a considerable wealth of logistics experience

    Candles were merely used as a source of light in the past. But after the invention of electricity, a candle’s main function is to elevate a space by bringing romance, comfort, or mystery.

    Don’t you think such a delicate product requires elegant and secure packaging?

    The candles must be protected from the adverse effects of the environment by robust and sturdy packaging.

    The packaging protects the product from potential damage during shipping. However, it’s crucial to realize that packaging has benefits or is necessary for more than just safeguarding candles. Beyond that, packaging has additional significance.

    “The nature of touring is packaging acts together that have strong catalogs of music. It’s about making sure that it’s a winning combination. It’s really about giving people value for their money.” ~Vivian Campbell

    Presenting your product is crucial because it is one of the most effective marketing strategies and a simple way to attract more customers. Using conventional packaging would stop you from achieving your market goals. An intelligent business person knows they can only rule the market now if they adopt modern packaging trends.

    well-designed candle box packaging for your candle products is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It will add value and visibility to your brand products.