• Pastry/sweet/baklava box

Pastry/sweet/baklava box

  • Custom Made Food Grade Cake gift Package Box

    Custom Made Food Grade Cake gift Package Box

    1. These cake cases have detachable LIDS that are sturdy and stiff enough that you can carry the cake around for birthdays, weddings or as a gift. 2. These cake boxes can easily hold square or round cakes that are 10 inches wide and 5 inches high.

    3. Reduced storage, easy assembly, and fast transportation. The cake case is made from 100% recyclable materials

    4. Can be easily assembled while maintaining its sturdy nature.

    5. Easy to assemble and fast to transport.

  • Long Birthday cake Pastry Gift box

    Long Birthday cake Pastry Gift box

    Advantages of PET cake box:

    1. good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times that of other films, good folding resistance;

    2. excellent resistance to high and low temperature, can be used in the temperature range of 120℃ for a long time.

    150℃ for short-term use and -70℃ for low temperature, and high and low temperatures have little effect on its mechanical properties;

    4. low permeability to gas and water vapor, strong resistance to gas, water, oil and odor;

    5. high transparency, ability to block ultraviolet rays and good gloss;

    6. non-toxic, tasteless, good health and safety, can be used directly in food packaging.

  • sushi  sashimi bento packaging box sushi near me

    sushi sashimi bento packaging box sushi near me

    When customers receive takeout, the first impression is packaging, which is the medium for merchants to connect with consumers.

    In order to deepen consumers’ impression on the brand, more and more restaurant brands start to make efforts in the delivery packaging.

    When consumers feel the service attitude of the business, take out the mobile phone to take a beautiful photo before dinner, it is bound to be a free advertising.

    In order to stabilize old customers and gain more new customers, merchants should pay great attention to the selection and design of takeaway packaging.

  • Boxes of hot selling macaroon cake cookies gift box packaging wholesale

    Boxes of hot selling macaroon cake cookies gift box packa...

    1. rolecookie boxes the high strength of this box, especially in the transport process can play a big ;
    2. it is highly resistant and has some resistance to pressure to ensure the product is intact cookie box;
    3. the box is safe and breathable and you are able to maintain the freshness of the food box cake cookies;
    4. materials are chosen to be environmentally safe and can be in direct cookie gift box contact with food;
    5. Support the customization of packaging boxes, welcome to ask more questions ice box cookies.

  • Three paper bottled candy box customization shop

    Three paper bottled candy box customization shop

    big box of candy.Now many of the bakery began to use paper packaging, boxes of candy because it’s more environmental sanitation, candy assortment box,commonly used in Z in the packaging is white kraft paper bags. , of course, candy box easter basket,not all is the use of white kraft paper,candy box easter baskets, such as some bread box cake box is commonly used to imported cattle paperboard.candy box from other countries.

    candy boxes to sell.This paper is made of all wood pulp burst degrees in similar products is also belong to the top, clear boxes for candy apples,and the stiffness and excellent tensile,favor boxes for candy, the printing effect is good also, fundraiser candy bar boxes,which makes the products on the modelling of great creative space. international candy gift box.Both in slot and hollow out, not damaging impact on packaging.

    mac candy box lipglass,mini candy boxes

  • valentines small chocolate candy gift box bulk

    valentines small chocolate candy gift box bulk

    1. This packaging box is brightly colored, cartoonish and cute, especially suitable for candy and other food;box cake cookie recipe
    2. pp rope + blister inner tray + packaging box accessories complete;box cookie mix
    3. box flat shipping and easy assembly, brownie cookies box mix reduce transport costs;boxed cake cookies recipe
    4. good sealing, pressure resistance, waterproof effect;boxed cookie mix
    5. Support the customization of packaging boxes, can help centralized procurement.brownie box cookies

  • fancy custom luxury folding box for ramadan sweet candy indian wedding sweet gift boxes packaging

    fancy custom luxury folding box for ramadan sweet candy i...

    1. the design of this box is comfortable, godiva goldmark chocolate box beautiful and in line with the aesthetics of most people;godiva chocolate gold gift box
    2. the safety, freshness, convenience and environmental friendliness of the box can be guaranteed;godiva chocolate holiday gift boxes
    3. the box customization can provide free 3D effect drawings to help purchase small items;godiva christmas chocolate box
    4. Packaging box customization, godiva holiday chocolate gift box welcome inquiries and quick reply.godiva dark chocolate gift box

  • Wholesale Custom Printed Brand Logo Design Promotion Luxury Clothing Retail Gift Shopping Paper Bag With Handle

    Wholesale Custom Printed Brand Logo Design Promotion Luxu...

    1. this paper bag is environmentally friendly, with good printability and strong load-bearing capacity;box cake flavors
    2. the matching box is of one-piece design, which can save a lot of space and cost in transit;luxury shopping paper bag gift bag manufacturer
    3. the ribbon closure design, adding romance;box cake recipe
    4. We use better craftsmanship and details, excellent service and quality, reasonable price.box cake with pudding
    5. Everything we do is only for you to produce better packaging boxes.box pineapple upside down cake

  • india sweet box bakery packaging box

    india sweet box bakery packaging box

    Sweet box bakery packaging box is a kind of exquisite packaging box, with good protection, convenient storage of various desserts.


    • Sweet box bakery packaging box Practical grade material to keep the dessert fresh and healthy
    • Exquisite pattern of sweet box bakery packaging box is conducive to better attract the customer’s desire to buy
    • Sweet box bakery packaging box are Often used for packaging macarons, chocolate, bread, cookies and other desserts
    • The sweet box bakery packaging box 2-in-1 design reduces transportation costs




  • box of chocolates

    box of chocolates

    Give the box a new way of positioning, it is not only a carrier, but also a powerful tool for protection and publicity.


     box of chocolates includes box + inner tray + card holder;

     Customized diversified customization better meet your needs, one-stop service;

     Transparent food-grade PET sticker window, highly transparent and anti-fog, clear and intuitive;

     Good sealing to keep food freshness;

     Wide range of box applications, not only chocolate, but also other kinds of food.


  • Custom baklava gift box

    Custom baklava gift box

    Each piece of baklava is handmade by pastry chef, of course baklava gift box should be selected with high quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, when you send a gift more can convey the care and sincere blessings.


    Beautiful packaging design, showing your attention to detail and the pursuit of quality;

    Personalized experience for accurate matching;

    Handmade, good sealing and pressure resistance;

    Paper packaging boxes are widely applicable for baklava , chocolate, pastries, cookies and other types of food are available.

    Support sampling, on-time delivery, high quality service.


  • chocolate box packaging

    chocolate box packaging

    chocolate box packaging can enhance the class and quality of gifts.

    It serves as a protective layer for the chocolate, keeping the integrity and aesthetic appearance of the chocolate.


    Preferred high quality packaging material, comfortable and smooth to touch;

    Bright packaging color, attractive appearance design;

    The chocolate box packaging is handmade and has enough durability;

    Transparent food-grade PET window, clearly visible food to increase the desire to buy;

    Provide customized accessories, diversified personalized packaging.



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