• Custom Wine Labels

Custom Wine Labels

  • Custom 1 pack bottle wine box cheap packaging

    Custom 1 pack bottle wine box cheap packaging

    In some public places on the table, you can often see the exquisite wine box packaging, very exquisite. Wine box packaging is very important. If you can’t do a good job of wine box packaging, you will bring trouble to yourself, and there may be no way to make the sales of wine continue to increase. People tend to like the exquisite packaging box, the packaging box often can attract attention, desire gradually inspired. What are its tricks to attract consumers? Take a look at fuliter Packaging together.

    In fact, people do not need to worry too much about how to do the design of wine box packaging. If they want to make a better wine box packaging, they should consider it from the following aspects: The first aspect is that we should pay attention to determine the direction of design first. To make different wine boxes, there must be different packaging design directions. For example, if we make white wine, the packaging should be made more advanced. Different wines express different things, so the direction of packaging design is different. The second aspect needs to refer to the packaging of other brands. When making the packaging of wine boxes, people may not know how to do it better at all, and may feel clueless. At this time, we can refer to the packaging design of other brands. Perhaps many people think that they should not refer to the packaging design of other brands, or they may produce the same packaging as other brands.

    In fact, you can also refer to the packaging of other brands, just to let people learn from it, does not mean to copy the packaging design of others, and the results of the design may not be the same as other brands, the main thing is to have some of their own creativity, to have some of their own characteristics, referring to other people’s packaging production, may be able to bring some inspiration to themselves.

  • Wholesale corrugated packaging 24 bottle beer wine boxes

    Wholesale corrugated packaging 24 bottle beer wine boxes

    As modern life develops faster and faster, people have higher and higher demand for materials. Therefore, under the same conditions, enterprises will optimize their products in different ways. Among them, many companies are from the packaging of products to work hard, from the packaging to optimize their products. Most of the packaging boxes used by enterprises are made of corrugated paper, so the next step is to explain some points for attention on corrugated paper.

    Corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated boxes by die cutting, indentation, nail box or glue box. Corrugated boxes are one of the most common packaging products, the amount has always been in the first place. It can not only protect the goods but also facilitate transportation. The most important thing is that it can beautify the goods and publicize the goods.

    The advantages of corrugated paper

    1. Good cushioning performance: corrugated cardboard has a special structure, and 60~70% of the volume of cardboard structure is empty, so it has good shock absorption performance, which can avoid the collision and impact of the packaged goods.

    2, light and firm: corrugated cardboard is hollow structure, with the least material to form a rigid larger box, so light and firm, compared with the same volume of the wooden box, only about half the weight of the wooden box.

    4, sufficient raw materials, low cost: a lot of raw materials for the production of corrugated cardboard, corner wood, bamboo, straw, reed and so on can be manufactured into corrugated paper, so his cost is low, only about half of the same volume of wooden box.

    5, easy to automate production: Now a complete set of corrugated box production automatic line, can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities, high efficiency. 6, packaging operation cost is low: corrugated packaging, can realize the automatic packaging of items, reduce the packaging workload, reduce the cost of packaging.

  • Deluxe wine packaging gift box customization with ribbon

    Deluxe wine packaging gift box customization with ribbon

    The three directions of wine packaging design, do you know?

    The trend of product packaging design is not invariable, it will change with economic, cultural and other reasons. To do wine packaging design needs to keep up with The Times and keep pace with The Times. At present, the trend of packaging design is developing in the direction of individuation, simplicity and hotspot.

    Step 1 Personalize

    With the development of economy and the improvement of consumers’ disposable income, the beer market is becoming a younger consumer group. In addition to paying attention to the quality of wine, these consumers prefer things that can show their life and personality. Therefore, the wine packaging design to reflect the personality, become the brand of the most bright a business card, consumers in the choice of beer, your beer can stand out.

    Wine packaging design can be personalized in the form of packaging, packaging content and other aspects of exploration, but it is necessary to pay attention to the excessive pursuit of personality into the paranoid blind area, the loss of the packaging design itself due to the function and value.

    2. Minimization In the information age, the onslaught of complex information garbage makes consumers have aesthetic and choice fatigue, from numbness, boredom to resistance. Five-color blind, people yearn to return to the simple visual environment, minimalism. As a modernist design style, minimalism has a great influence on beer packaging design. In this case, the design and packaging of beer should consider the information compression and reduction, with the most rapid, simple, bright way to present to consumers, to form a simple beauty, to achieve a simple but not simple state.

    3. Become hot

    Phenomenal-level hot spots are formed and released on a variety of apps every day. Rub hot spot has become the most fragrant Internet welfare to eat at present, beer packaging design rub hot spot is also to keep up with the trend of The Times.

    In the digital age, the value of beer packaging design is infinitely enlarged. A good packaging design can pull the distance between consumers and the brand, and become a powerful power to feed the brand. To do a good job in beer packaging design, we need to have an insight into consumer psychology, use the design method suitable for consumers to tell the story of China and brand stories, use bag design to convey culture, use wonderful stories to impress people, and use high-quality products to meet consumer needs.