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big box of chocolates

big box of chocolates

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When you choose custom gift box packaging, the value of your product will be well enhanced. Whether it’s a business gift, a holiday gift or a celebration, our boxes can interpret your product to perfection and convey better taste and care.


Big box of chocolates packaging box for cupcakes, biscuits pastries and many other food products, wide range of applications;

Handmade packaging, finer packaging details;

Multi-size and multi-style options for customisation, according to your requirements;

PP rope is firm and tough, ribbon configuration adds beauty;

Folding shipment, occupying small space, saving transport costs.

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OEM paper big box of chocolates packaging in China

Fuliter offers a range of customised paper Big box of chocolates cake cookies packaging that embodies the definition of ultimate sophistication and elegance, thanks to more than a decade of experience and skilled artisans. We offer luxury packaging boxes that are meticulously crafted in our factory using cutting-edge technology and machinery to ensure that the boxes are durable enough to last longer and serve every food outlet.


We offer a wide range of customisation options and OEM services for wholesalers, brand owners, importers, engineering contractors and other clients. Our dedicated sales team will bring you up to speed on the latest trends, materials and styles to make boxes that complement their food style or size.


As an experienced supplier of all kinds of packaging such as custom Big box of chocolates cake cookies, we go through different tests and processes to ensure that the boxes are of the best quality and remain in use for a long time. You can rely on Fuliter to strengthen your supply chain of packaging boxes in China.

Delicate chocolates packaging

Depending on your purpose and target audience, we provide guidance and valuable insights to our clients and listen to your ideas to create wholesale paper packaging gift boxes that exceed your expectations. When it comes to packaging boxes, we offer the following options.

圆形小点  Flexible customization

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Strict material selection

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Competent Technology

Sufficient production capacity and quick response capability to ensure the quality of the boxes.

圆形小点  After-sales service

Quick response to solve problems and provide assistance; listen to opinions and continuous improvement.


Wholesale Big box of chocolates cake and other packaging options

Speaking of chic looks, Fuliter has a wide variety of wholesale food packaging boxes that are beautifully designed for a customised solution to any wholesale or OEM need.

OEM Diversified Packaging Box

Customized sweet boxes enhances brand image

Boxes with paper bags make it easy to carry the product. From small customised batches to mass production, quality boxes enhance the value of each product.

We understand the complexities and business interests of box wholesalers and businesses that need packaging solutions at Fuliter Packaging. Customers using our OEM/ODM services need only specify the design, purpose, material selection and other customisation options. Our skilled staff will handle everything from start to finish.

sweet packaging box can do custom , fast deliver , custom design , free sample
Empty paper flip top cigarette box made in China|Fuliter
Empty paper flip top cigarette box made in China|Fuliter

Fuliter's Wholesale Boxes Bring You Success

Your products can be supported by a variety of services such as our beautifully packaged gift boxes to add value and our after-sales service to support your business.

Reliable production processes

Our fully equipped factory and qualified personnel enable us to manufacture high-grade gift boxes and fulfill wholesale orders to meet your specifications.

Complete QC process

We implement a quality management system throughout the entire production plant, including the overall appearance of the boxes and special features, etc. to ensure that your boxes are delivered in good condition.

Customer-oriented services

Realize one of your branding goals with our complete OEM/ODM services. We also offer small order supply with a minimum order quantity of 500PCS.

One-stop shopping

If you need other accessory needs, help you purchase what you need and have it shipped to you.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

WNon-Disclosure (NDA) and Quality Assurance Agreement.

Update Order Status

We update you in real time with pictures and videos of your order during the production of large shipments

Fuliter Packaging Company

For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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