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sees assorted small chocolates covered strawberries gift box flavors cake mix recipe ideas delivery

sees assorted small chocolates covered strawberries gift box flavors cake mix recipe ideas delivery

Short Description:

1. This red dried fruit type packaging usually uses the box type of heaven and earth cover, easy to open, practical.where to get a box of chocolates
2. Suitable for various occasions and holiday gifts, such as: wedding small gift boxes, valentine’s day chocolate box delivery business gifts and holiday visits, etc.virtual box of chocolates
3. Packaging accessories are complete and can be provided according to your needs.valentines day chocolate boxes
4. The box is closed and good pressure resistance, which can better protect the products from being pressed. valentines box of chocolate
5. Support product customization, help centralized procurement, welcome to consult more related issues.valentines box chocolate

Product Detail

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Our Equipment


All Custom Sizes & Shapes


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

Art paper


1000 - 500,000


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV,gold foil

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turn Around Time

7-10 Business Days , Rush

Food box packaging, what you need to consider

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When considering packaging boxes for dried fruits, our recommendation is to choose
High quality materials such as cardboard, signature chocolate truffles gift box which can provide enough protection and tear resistance to prevent moisture and spoilage of the food.valentine chocolate boxes
In order to maintain the freshness of dried fruits, it is important to use boxes with good sealing properties on the food packaging boxes. unique chocolate boxes This can prevent the intrusion of oxygen, send box of chocolates moisture and other contaminants.the best chocolate gift box
The right package size can make it easier for consumers to take dried fruits away and make them easier to place in tote bags or luggage.the best chocolate boxes
The use of botanical patterns in dried fruit box design can better show the natural and purity attributes of dried fruit, attracting consumers' attention and generating good marketing results.the best box of chocolates
The use of sustainable materials and design is attractive to environmentally conscious consumers.

sees assorted small chocolates covered strawberries gift box flavors cake mix recipe ideas delivery
sees assorted small chocolates covered strawberries gift box flavors cake mix recipe ideas delivery
sees assorted small chocolates covered strawberries gift box flavors cake mix recipe ideas delivery

Packaging material is the key

Our Equipment

Chocolate is delicious and sweet, premium chocolate gift boxes and can bring temporary happiness to the body and mind. In the design of chocolate packaging, how to ensure the beauty of the chocolate, but also to ensure that the chocolate in transport and storage is not bad? Packing materials play a key role.send a box of chocolates online

With the progress of economy and the improvement of people's consumption level, the original old packaging has been unable to meet the needs of the public, in order to survive, we must re-do the brand design.premium chocolate box

All visual output elements combine attractive graphics with carefully designed information levels.organic chocolate milk boxes

Through the integration of expression, enhance the artistic atmosphere of packaging design, show a kind of advanced art.nice chocolate gift box

At present, my dog just ate a box of chocolates the main materials of chocolate packaging on the market are: paper product packaging, aluminum foil packaging, tin foil packaging, plastic flexible packaging and composite packaging.monthly chocolate subscription boxes

These materials are moisture-proof, light, heat preservation, barrier, good ductility and other characteristics, is a relatively common chocolate packaging materials. No matter what kind of material is used, the purpose is to protect the chocolate, ensure the safety and hygiene of the product, and increase the desirability and value of the product.mini valentine chocolate box

We usually contact more aluminum foil packaging box is in line with the material packaging, these two materials have strict production standards, strict standards, not only to choose suitable packaging materials for chocolate, but also for the long-term development of enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.mini chocolate boxes bulk

Chocolate is so popular on supermarket shelves among young men and women that it has even become the perfect gift for exchanging messages.little box of chocolates

About 61 percent of consumers surveyed consider themselves "regular chocolate eaters" and eat chocolate at least once a day or week, according to Market Analytics. It can be seen that chocolate products are in great demand in the market.large chocolate gift box

Its taste is smooth and sweet, gourmet chocolate gift box which not only satisfies the taste buds, but also has a variety of exquisite and beautiful packaging, which always makes people feel happy instantly, making it difficult for consumers to resist its charm.large box of godiva chocolates

Packaging is always the first impression of a commodity presented in front of the public, so we must pay attention to the function and effect of packaging.international chocolate subscription box

As the chocolate on the market frequently appear frost, harry and david chocolate gift box deterioration and long insects and other quality problems. Mostly because the packaging is not tightly sealed or has tiny cracks, bugs can get in and grow on the chocolate, which has a huge impact on sales and image of the product.gourmet chocolate subscription box Chocolate in the packaging requirements to prevent moisture absorption and melting, prevent aroma escape, prevent oil release rancidity, prevent pollution, prevent heat and other aspects of the conditions. Therefore, the packaging material requirements for chocolate are very strict, not only to ensure the beauty of the packaging, but also to achieve the requirements of packaging material.horizon organic chocolate milk boxes

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About us

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Dongguan Fuliter Paper Products Limited was established in 1999,with more than 300 employees,

20 designers.focusing & specializing in wide range of stationery & printing products such as packing box、gift box、cigarette box 、acrylic candy box 、flower box、 eyelash eyeshadow hair box 、wine box 、 match box 、toothpick、hat box etc.

we can afford high quality and efficient productions. We have a lot of advanced equipment, such as Heidelberg two, four-color machines, UV printing machines, automatic die-cutting machines, omnipotence folding paper machines and automatic glue-binding machines.

Our company has integrity and quality management system, environmental system.
Looking ahead,we firmly believed in our policy of Keep doing better,make the customer happy. We will do our utmost to make you feel like this is your home away from home.

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