• Drawer Box

Drawer Box

  • Custom Red Wine Box With Chocolate Packaging

    Custom Red Wine Box With Chocolate Packaging

    1.paper boxes have an absolute advantage.

    2.using more than 350 grams of white board printing film (plastic film), die cutting molding.

    3.Most of the cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm is artificially mounted on the outer decorative surface and glued into shape.

    4.beautiful appearance, good cushioning performance, suitable for printing

    5.many can do a version of molding, saving cost and space.

  • custom luxury green tea gift box tea organizer box

    custom luxury green tea gift box tea organizer box

    When some colors are given the symbolic meaning of the spirit of the times and cater to people’s thoughts, interests, hobbies, wishes, etc., these colors with special appeal will become popular.

    In the color design of tea packaging boxes, some colors give people a gorgeous and stylish feeling, some colors give people a simple and stable feeling, and some colors make people feel fresh and beautiful… Different colors are used in different tea packaging. Box design, resulting in different emotions and aesthetics.

    The packaging design color of tea is light brown and khaki, creating a retro atmosphere, which is in line with the nostalgic psychology of adults, and at the same time expresses the long history of West Lake Longjing tea. The color of the pattern is also the traditional ink color of Chinese painting, which can be thick or light, giving people an antique psychological feeling as a whole. Even the brightest red in the picture is in the form of traditional Chinese seals, which not only makes the picture bright and bright. Unify the entire design in a retro style and play a finishing touch.

    Adults have richer life experience and cultural accumulation than young people, and they prefer some stable and unassuming colors (lower brightness, purity, and saturation). The overall aesthetic taste of “West Lake Longjing Tea” in color is completely consistent with the aesthetic psychology of adults. It reflects the essence of traditional Chinese culture, which is mature and stable, and has rich cultural connotations.

    The packaging design of tea can not be reckless on the value concept of culture and art. For market transactions, packaging designers should use traditional tea culture knowledge as the basis, through art design, marketing, sales, economics, The accumulation and expansion of related knowledge such as consumer psychology, structural materials science, etc. to optimize their own thinking structure, adhere to the design concept of popularization, internationalization and marketization, and create innovative products that have a strong impact on consumers’ vision and psychology. Tea packaging box, in order to stimulate the strong desire of consumers to buy, enhance the added value of tea products and the overall packaging effect to meet the needs of market competition, thereby creating higher economic benefits.