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The demand is not strong, European and American paper and packaging giants have announced to close factories, suspend production or lay off employees! godiva chocolate small box

The demand is not strong, European and American paper and packaging giants have announced to close factories, suspend production or lay off employees! godiva chocolate small box

Due to changes in demand or restructuring, paper and packaging manufacturers have announced plant closures or layoffs. In the previous May, Ball Enterprises announced in a notice on May 18 that the group would close its production base in Wallkill, New York. The company said in March that it was considering closing the packaging plant, citing restrictions on expansion and upgrades, and hinted that capacity could be moved to other facilities. All 143 employees will be affected starting August 18 and the plant will close on August 31. harry and david chocolate box

Graphic Packaging International is planning to close a paper mill in Tamar, Iowa that has reportedly been in operation for more than 100 years. A May 2 notice said 85 employees would be affected by the layoffs, which company executives discussed on an earnings call. In addition, Graphic Packaging International disclosed on May 24 that it will close a processing plant in Auburn, Indiana in August, and about 70 employees are expected to be affected. holiday chocolate boxes

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The Tri-Cities Herald reported that American Packaging is idling a pulp and paper mill in Wallula, Washington, affecting about 300 of its 450 employees. According to reports, the company hopes to reopen the plant later this year, citing the dire economic situation. valentine box chocolates

Another American giant, Wishlock, also announced in early May that it will permanently close its paper mill in North Charleston, South Carolina on August 31. The company said the decision will affect about 500 employees. Production of containerboard and uncoated kraftliner will be transferred to other Wishlock plants, but the closure will mark the company’s exit from the unbleached saturated kraftliner business. Wishlock is also committed to closing a corrugated box plant in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, by June, which will cost about 75 jobs. valentine day chocolate gift box

Sanyi Packaging plans to close a factory in Wilton, West Virginia, by the end of May due to land lease issues, the Wilton Daily Times reported earlier. The closure is expected to affect 66 employees. box of chocolates.

By June, the wave of closures had not subsided, this time spreading to some glass packaging giants. More broadly, glass packaging manufacturers face demand shifts based on market shifts, such as beer losing share in the alcoholic beverage category to other products, and lingering supply after transport bottlenecks in 2021 and 2022 Chain effects, explains Scott Dev, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. box of chocolates for valentine’s day

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Also in June, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced the approval of a $7.5 million federal workforce grant to help those laid off as Pactiv Evergreen closes a paper mill in Canton and reduces operations at another. of workers, nearly 1,100 workers were affected. box of chocolates delivery

According to a notice dated June 21, Ardagh will permanently close its facility in Wilson County, North Carolina, which affects 337 employees. According to the News and Observer, Ardagh will send recycled glass from the region to other destinations for melting. Workers at an Ardagh glass packaging plant in Simsboro, Louisiana, have also been informed that the facility will close in mid-July, potentially affecting about 245 workers, the Ruston Daily Leader reported. According to reports, Ardagh’s announcement is mainly due to the decline in demand.boxes of chocolate candy

O-I Glass will lay off 81 workers at a glass bottle plant in Portland, Oregon, according to a June 13 notice. That accounts for roughly 70 percent of the company’s workforce, Glass International reported. The layoffs are expected to begin on July 21. The layoffs may not be permanent, but the company expects to last at least six months, with O-I citing “an unexpected slowdown in the local wine market.” chocolate box valentines

Earlier, Stora Enso announced that it would cut 1,150 jobs next year, partly due to restructuring. Many of these job cuts are related to mill closures across Europe, including in Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland, due to changing market dynamics, especially for containerboard.chocolate chip cookie box


According to a notice dated June 13, Wishlock will close an Atlanta-area plant and lay off 89 employees, effective Aug. 12.

Paper Excellence’s Crofton pulp mill stopped paper or pulp production in July. The 30-day shutdown began on June 30, said Graham Kisak, vice president of environment, health and safety and corporate communications at the plant owner Paper Excellence. Global demand for pulp and paper is currently low, and the Crofton mill is not the only one taking a hit.

The cuts will affect about 450 workers, but they are considering how many can stay at the plant for maintenance and say others may choose to take furloughs in July. Work on a project launched earlier this year to convert a production line at the Crofton factory to produce stronger, water-resistant paper to replace single-use plastic will not be affected.

After Sappi had explored all options in Stockstadt, including discussions with other potential buyers, it became clear that a sale of the factory as a going concern would not be possible. Sappi has now decided to start consultations with the factory management and the Economic Work Council on the future of the factory. Discussions will include, among other possibilities, the closure of pulp mills and paper machines and the sale of the site, with other Sappi mills continuing to serve customers. Stockstadt is an integrated pulp and paper mill with an annual output of 145,000 tons of pulp, which is then converted into an annual output of 220,000 tons of coated and offset paper, mainly sold to the European printing market.

Food and drink producers across the UK are facing running out of packaging as workers at Cepac go on strike over a wage dispute, Britain’s main union Unite said on Wednesday. Cepac’s clients include: HBCP (whose clients include Greggs, Costa, Subway and Pret) and C&D Foods Group (whose clients include Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda). Cepac’s other clients include Mars, Carlsberg, Innocent Drinks, Pernod, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Diageo. Cepac’s latest 2021 accounts lodged with Companies House showed a gross profit of £34m.

More than 90 workers, including printers, engineers and conversion operators, overwhelmingly voted for strike action. The first strike will start on Tuesday, July 18, with subsequent dates to follow over the next few weeks until the end of September. Further dates could be announced in the coming weeks if the dispute is not resolved. In addition to strike action, continuous overtime will also be prohibited.

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The strike comes as the company is only prepared to offer an additional 8% raise. The proposal is a real wage cut, with the real rate of inflation (RPI) currently at 11.3%. Cepac said the 8 per cent increase was dependent on an increase in the working week from 37 to 40 hours, changes to pay plans, shift patterns and reductions in overtime pay.

United union secretary Sharon Graham said: “Cepac is a profitable company that refuses to offer decent pay increases to its employees and combines that with a scam on the terms and conditions that Unite members of Cepac will get from the union. Absolutely support it.”

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