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Recyclable Food Coffee Packaging Bags With Zipper

Recyclable Food Coffee Packaging Bags With Zipper

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Coffee bags, food packaging bags, seal bags, zipper bags and other such bags bring more convenience, food safety and quality assurance to our life, and it is easier for consumers to judge the quality and credibility of the products.


Reasonable design, effective protection, prolonged freshness;

Custom products to enhance product image to attract consumer attention and increase market competitiveness;

Good puncture resistance and tear resistance;

Repeated use is convenient to carry and enhance the user experience;

Multi-style bags, providing one-stop custom service.

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seal bag for food packaging

We are a packaging box factory dealing in a wide range of wholesale paper packaging boxes suitable for various setups and in different styles and details.

We export our products to a wide range of customers overseas who trust our capabilities.

圆形小点  Flexible customization

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Strict material selection

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Competent Technology

Sufficient production capacity and quick response capability to ensure the quality of the boxes.

圆形小点  After-sales service

Quick response to solve problems and provide assistance; listen to opinions and continuous improvement.


Explore our selection of seal bags in our workshops.

Fuliter's well-designed customised food packaging bags

As a paper box manufacturer, we have the ability to produce stunning ideas that will leave you in awe. Our table customisation focuses on specified applications, details and styles. Our designers look through your ideas and make suggestions on how to improve the original concept.

Our strengths in design, rapid sampling, mass production, packaging and delivery allow us to manage OEM box and case projects that have meticulous attention to detail and contribute to box efficiency. We help you find the box solution that best suits your market, while minimising any potential issues that may arise during our partnership.

Wide range of applications for seal bags

Packaging Factory, Packaging Box Manufacturer

Factory that makes seal bags and food gift boxes for Fuliter

Fuliter is a box manufacturer that has been in business for over 20 years. We have extensive experience in box production, box manufacturing, and other functional packaging works. We are committed to providing our customers with marketable boxes by producing high quality, cost-effective paper packaging.

Packaging Gift Box Making

Gift box packaging is a kind of high-grade packaging form of paper packaging box, widely used in a variety of gifts and commodities.Fuliter has diversified designs and high-quality materials in packaging, showing the high-quality image of the product.

Printing Process Technology

Professional and experienced packaging team, with in-depth understanding of various printing methods and technologies, vivid printing effects, rich sense of hierarchy, according to your requirements for effective application, making the box more exquisite and charming.

Customisation of Accessory Fittings

Accessories are an important part of the packaging box, increasing the practicality and added value of the product. Whether it's ribbons, clasps, cards, inner trays and other accessories, we are able to provide and ensure their durability and practicality.

First-class box manufacturer

Your products can be supported by a variety of services such as our beautifully packaged gift boxes to add value and our after-sales service to support your business.

Reliable production processes

Our fully equipped factory and qualified personnel enable us to manufacture high-grade gift boxes and fulfill wholesale orders to meet your specifications.

Complete QC process

We implement a quality management system throughout the entire production plant, including the overall appearance of the boxes and special features, etc. to ensure that your boxes are delivered in good condition.

Customer-oriented services

Realize one of your branding goals with our complete OEM/ODM services. We also offer small order supply with a minimum order quantity of 500PCS.

One-stop shopping

If you need other accessory needs, help you purchase what you need and have it shipped to you.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

WNon-Disclosure (NDA) and Quality Assurance Agreement.

Update Order Status

We update you in real time with pictures and videos of your order during the production of large shipments.

Fuliter Packaging Company

For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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