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  • india sweet box bakery packaging box

    india sweet box bakery packaging box

    Sweet box bakery packaging box is a kind of exquisite packaging box, with good protection, convenient storage of various desserts.


    • Sweet box bakery packaging box Practical grade material to keep the dessert fresh and healthy
    • Exquisite pattern of sweet box bakery packaging box is conducive to better attract the customer’s desire to buy
    • Sweet box bakery packaging box are Often used for packaging macarons, chocolate, bread, cookies and other desserts
    • The sweet box bakery packaging box 2-in-1 design reduces transportation costs




  • custom assortment loose leaf storage tea gift box organizer wholesale

    custom assortment loose leaf storage tea gift box organiz...

    The tonality of packaging is the basis for consumers to be loyal to the brand, and the quality and value of products are the basis. The most important thing for businesses is to polish the quality of products, such as product efficacy, taste, characteristics, etc. Second is the attribute of the product, the attribute of the product directly affects the choice of consumption that is the right to buy.

    These days it can be said that etiquette is very important. Whether it’s visiting relatives or friends, or having guests over. It is essential to sit together and drink tea and talk. So, TO VERY NOBLE tea MUST HAVE OF course high-end tea box decoration, in order to present a variety of pleasing to the eye style.

    The use of tea packaging bags can better prevent tea moisture, tea will absorb water, thus affecting the shelf life of tea, dry tea can be stored for a longer period of time, and wet tea will make tea deteriorate, so the use of tea packaging bags can be better moisture-proof.

    Tea is like fruit, exposed to the air will also oxidize, the use of tea packaging bag, only vacuum packaging can be better isolated from the air, blocking the oxidation of tea deterioration.

    Many people in the decoration, will choose to use tea to absorb the smell, so tea is easy to be affected by other tastes and destroy the original taste, the use of tea bags can maximize the protection of tea, avoid tea to absorb other peculiar smell, maintain the most natural taste.

    Product quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises, only good quality and quality can finally win the hearts of consumers, otherwise it is a flash in the pan. High style with high quality can create high value.