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chocolate truffles gift box empty

chocolate truffles gift box empty

Short Description:

Exquisite chocolate truffles gift box to be able to feel special thoughts and respect. It is an expression that adds value and beauty to the product.


High quality handmade and comfortable to touch;

Clear and sharp printing, superior visual aesthetics;

Elastic band sealing design, interesting and convenient sealing effect is good;

Accessory inner tray, copy paper.

Customized according to your specific needs to customize the corresponding packaging effect.


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Latest chocolate truffles gift box empty from China

Choose one of our chocolate truffles gift boxes to suit guests in other places such as sweet stores or chocolatiers and add attention to your brand. We make sure that our boxes follow market-leading designs and are suitable for most themes of food packaging.
Our boxes are made from high quality raw materials and go through multiple processes to give you a smooth and comfortable surface that is not susceptible to breakage, damage and contamination.
To prove the effectiveness of our boxes and their durability, we test our boxes to make sure that they do not have major quality issues.

圆形小点  Flexible customization

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Strict material selection

It can meet specific needs and enhance brand image, and is a solution for personalized packaging.

圆形小点  Competent Technology

Sufficient production capacity and quick response capability to ensure the quality of the boxes.

圆形小点  After-sales service

Quick response to solve problems and provide assistance; listen to opinions and continuous improvement.


Customized chocolate truffles gift box to enhance brand image

Multiple adjustments including various elements like color, material and height can be added to make our boxes more versatile.

The various design options available in our studio help us mix and match features to make them more compelling in the marketplace.

We accept any OEM customization requests to make our boxes suitable for your market and to bring out the best quality of your brand.
In Fuliter's product display aisle, we regularly update our boxes with unique designs for customized flavors that meet the needs of different demographics.

A variety of chocolate truffles gift box custom effects

First-class box manufacturer

Your products can be supported by a variety of services such as our beautifully packaged gift boxes to add value and our after-sales service to support your business.

Reliable production processes

Our fully equipped factory and qualified personnel enable us to manufacture high-grade gift boxes and fulfill wholesale orders to meet your specifications.

Complete QC process

We implement a quality management system throughout the entire production plant, including the overall appearance of the boxes and special features, etc. to ensure that your boxes are delivered in good condition.

Customer-oriented services

Realize one of your branding goals with our complete OEM/ODM services. We also offer small order supply with a minimum order quantity of 500PCS.

One-stop shopping

If you need other accessory needs, help you purchase what you need and have it shipped to you.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

WNon-Disclosure (NDA) and Quality Assurance Agreement.

Update Order Status

We update you in real time with pictures and videos of your order during the production of large shipments

introduction of the factory

Fuliter Packaging Factory is a company specializing in producing high quality packaging boxes. With advanced equipment and technology, we are committed to providing quality packaging solutions.
In our factory, we utilize advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that each box is of exceptional quality and fine craftsmanship.
Our products are widely used in the food industry. Whether you need simple and stylish packaging or high-end luxury packaging, we can customize it for you.
We have perfect supply chain management and fast delivery capability to ensure timely delivery.
If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality packaging box partner, we are willing to cooperate with you to provide you with satisfactory solutions.

team introduction

Design team: able to understand customer needs and translate them into attractive and functional packaging designs.
Service team: able to maintain close contact with customers and respond to their queries and needs in a timely manner. Able to provide personalized services to meet customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.
After-sales team: able to respond quickly to customer complaints and problems, and take appropriate action to resolve and ensure customer satisfaction.
In addition our paper packaging boxes are made of sustainable materials and production processes to minimize the impact on the environment.

Fuliter Packaging Company

For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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