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container store bulk travel hat boxes luggage

container store bulk travel hat boxes luggage

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What is the meaning of packaging? Or the importance of packaging?

In people’s life, there are generally three levels of needs:

 the first is to meet the basic needs of food and clothing;

The second is to meet the spiritual needs of people after food and clothing;

 The third is to go beyond the material and spiritual needs of another kind of selfless relief, is also a common saying that people are detached from the material, indifferent to a supreme state.

 But more realistic or this kind of spiritual demand, the standard of people’s needs and the improvement of the whole national culture, is bound to have a sublimation in the scale of people’s aesthetic standards. Therefore, everything to please consumers, meet consumers aesthetic, beauty, yearning for the pursuit of beauty is accelerating. In order to cater to and meet the psychological needs of people’s love of beauty, manufacturers, businesses are also in the packaging of goods, to create a more beautiful image, let consumers fall in love at first sight, can not bear to leave, from yearning to appreciate, to the final psychological satisfaction of such a final purpose.

Commodity packaging from the beginning of commodity trading, it quietly into people’s lives. It should be said that commodity packaging is the product of the common development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. With the improvement of people’s living standards, it increasingly embodies its important value and changes its function center of gravity. That is to say, in addition to the protection of goods, convenient transportation and storage, it is more important to promote the sale of goods and meet people’s aesthetic psychological needs. Therefore, the first function of commodity packaging is to promote sales.

 Only when sales are promoted can manufacturers and businesses of products find their own markets.

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