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mom acrylic flower bouquet box wholesale

mom acrylic flower bouquet box wholesale

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The 365 day and night cycle and so on, a love feast, in these days of the world singing for love, many people are willing to use artistic beautiful flowers to convey their love. Red rose, elegant atmosphere of the crown, senior acrylic flower box, romantic sense of ceremony are here.

Compared with traditional bouquet, acrylic flower box has many irreplaceable advantages. From the customer’s point of view, the flower box is small in size, easy to carry, and the packaging is comparable to that of the bouquet, which can attract customers’ attention more. Acrylic material itself has dazzling optical properties, with artistic sense and romantic atmosphere; And has a strong plasticity, in the 160° oven can be fully softened, and then through the mold cold treatment finalize the design. Mold IS WHAT MODEL, acrylic comes out finally IS WHAT MODEL, KALEIDOSCOPE, ENOUGH to LET STYLIST play to the TOP OF HIS or HER HEAD.

Acrylic flower box can also be used for eternal flower, flower branch requirements are not too high, the cost is relatively reduced. The box, in turn, largely protects the flowers and reduces transportation costs. Acrylic flower box can be used for a long time, the service life can reach several decades; You can also change the flowers inside at any time, whether it is red rose, pink rose, blue rose… In the crystal transparent flower box set off, are elegant decorative works of art.

Xintao acrylic transmittance can reach 93%, high definition, highly expressive and visual impact; Strong plasticity, processing performance is good under the designer’s unrestrained artistic creation, with changeable shape and ideal decorative effect, can meet more and higher packaging box design needs; Strong impact resistance, not easy to break, not easy to change color, long service life; And a variety of specifications, color can also be customized.

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