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Black velvet flower gift box price

Black velvet flower gift box price

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Gift packaging is one of the longest used business etiquette flowers in florists. The bouquet gift packaging of florists reflects the basic quality of aesthetics of florists. The quality of florists starts from the gift packaging of flowers.

Packaging is the finishing touch, can bring people surprise, make simple flower products become unique. The packaging of florist works can not only show the level of florist, but also reflect the taste of florist.

Floral gift packaging is one of the most commonly used commercial flower arrangements in florists, which breaks the traditional packaging mode. Bouquet packaging and color matching are very important, reflecting the basic quality of the practitioners of floral art on aesthetics. The quality of a florist starts from the tone of color.

In floral art works, the role of packaging is integrated with modern life aesthetics, etiquette and so on. The style and materials of packaging of floral art works vary greatly according to different occasions.

In addition to bouquets, flower boxes gradually enter people’s attention, occupying a large proportion in the flower products. Generally, the gift will be given with flowers made into a flower gift box, rather than simple flowers flower box is more sought after.

The flower box is directly held in the hand, which is much more convenient to carry and adds a hint of interest while being beautiful.

Gift wrap, let your imagination give practice.

A customized tasteful eye-catching product packaging, in addition to making consumers like, increase sales, but also can let the value of the commodity several times. Over the years, Dongguan Fuliter Paper Co., Ltd. has been focusing on valuable commercial promotion for more brand stores, improve brand reputation, boost business atmosphere, reflect brand value! We spirit of professional, innovative, pragmatic spirit of enterprise, based on excellent products, flexible market economy as the guidance, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations.

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