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Love wedding paper flower shadow boxes for gifts

Love wedding paper flower shadow boxes for gifts

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Receiving a bunch of flowers full of blessings can not only reflect the taste of the flower buyer, but also show the aesthetic and professional level of the florist!

Floral packaging is very important. The role of packaging is to make the whole flower works look more beautiful, the second is to protect the flowers for convenient transportation, and the third is to play a role in promoting the brand.

Packaging can not only be limited to their own skilled packaging methods, to choose in line with the trend of packaging methods, and strive to create a new packaging method on this basis; Want TO SPEND MORE THOUGHT ON BOUQUET FINISHED PRODUCT, NOT ALL FLOWERS ARE WRAPPED MORE LUXURIANT BETTER, OVERMUCH PACKAGE CAN MAKE THE FLOWER LOSES ORIGINAL COLOUR, SHOULD HOLD GOOD DEGREE SO.

In the form of flower type presentation, not only can be packed into a bouquet, there are flower basket, flowerpot, flower box, garland, dried flowers, bottle flowers, eternal flowers, simulation flowers or other peripheral products, in short, there is no can’t do, only you think of.

In addition to bearing flowers, flower box packaging also plays the role of conveying brand name, image, product performance, characteristics and use, that is, publicity function. Through the brand information conveyed by the copywriting and pictures on the packaging box, consumers will leave a deep memory on the product and even have the psychological mind to buy the brand next time.

The red flowers are more beautiful against the green leaves. A good packaging image of flowers can strongly stimulate the visual senses of consumers, give customers the first impression, cause them to produce a series of psychological activities, and ultimately affect whether customers buy or not.

With a delicate gift box packaging design, not only enhance the sense of value of the gift, but also show the gift-giver’s intentions and their friendship. In addition to the quality and design idea of the gift box packaging design itself, the product packaging design of everyone’s goods is also a key reason to determine whether the successful completion of implementation. Gift box packaging design must be able to reflect the value of the product according to different methods. Therefore, the packaging design of gift boxes in particular has a unique personalized characteristics, a unique sense of atmosphere and high price, precious sense. General gift box packaging design attaches more importance to the application of special printing technology.

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